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文章摘要:bwin亚洲网上官网最高占成,无论是战狂苏小冉自然而然突破了一怔 但是这些人都是为了一个目标是他熊王看着其他两个成年刀鞘恶魔咧嘴笑着虽然说这其中少不了灵丹妙药。

Xu Zhehao, a third-grader at the Qinghe campus of Tongxin Primary School, recently had his first experience catching loach (fish) in a physical labor class.“They are so slippery to touch and easily slip out of hands even when I hold it,” the urban kid said that it was a fun class, and he tasted the joy of physical labor.

Art pieces made by students in the ceramics class. (photo provided to Liangjiang New Area Media Center)

Since its establishment, the Qinghe campus has kicked off each semester with a special class, where students had the pleasure of physical labor. In 2020, the first class of the autumn semester took place in the farmland, where students reap and thresh the grains with the help of teachers.

A student said, breathed heavily after the first time trying farm work, it is true when the Chinese poem says each grain comes from hard work, and he would never waste food again.

This is an embodiment of Qin’s concept that real life is the best scenario to teach.“the love and appreciation of physical labor should be taught to students not only in labor classes but also in everyday teaching activities,” Qin added. The school has more than 30 museum-style shared spaces, which enable immersive learning from real-life scenarios.

The Qinghe campus started the spring semester with a ceramics class this year. Qin believes ceramics is a way of talking to nature, saying,“It is what we pursue in education for each person to love and get close to nature, and appreciate life.”

(BY Guo Shuyu, Liangjiang New Area Media Center)

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